Cheap Easter Party for Children, Kids Spring Birthday Party

 Easter is a great time for us snow bunnies to get our first outdoor party of the year. If the weather is not inclement, I like to plan Easter parties at a local park. Unless it is snowing or raining, we bundle the kids up and host the party outside. With two kids having birthdays around the time Easter could potentially fall (end of March), I'm thinking birthday party, too. We've done Easter-themed birthday parties, too. Here's how--Easter Party for Children- Non Religious

How I Save 50 Percent (or More!) on Groceries

I don't brag very often, but when I do, it's about how I save money. Our four kids have each thanked and praised dad and I for raising them to know the value of a dollar. And saving begins in the most basic purchases--groceries and food. Here's how I save 50-80 shopping. Tame that impulse shopping monster. Learn to regiment haphazard,  last-minute, or careless spending habits. Here's how How I Save 50 Percent (or More!) on Groceries

Easy, Healthy, Cheap WIC Foods Recipes

When our four kids were young, our income qualified me and the children for WIC (Woman, Infants and Children) food coupons.WIC, a USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) program, gives low-income families coupons for free food. Unlike food stamps, WIC can only be used for specific foods and baby formula. Breastfeeding moms like me couldn't use formula coupons and so WIC added vegetables, rice and tuna to supplement nursing moms' diets. WIC added Project Fresh coupons (used at farmers markets) and later produce vouchers. Here are recipes using basic WIC foods: eggs, juice, milk, peanut butter, cheese, approved cereal, tuna, carrots, bread, fruit and vegetables. Use these cheap recipes stretch your grocery budget and food stamps. For transitional housing dwellers, I've kept preparation and ingredients simple. Omit anything you don't have.  Easy, Healthy, Cheap WIC Foods Recipes

Easy DIY Job Saves Us $800 a Year: Cheap Kids Haircuts

As a mom of four, I'm always looking for ways to trim costs. With exceptions, do-it-yourself projects are a great way to save. Homemade options that require big time investments don't save--time is money. Here's one easy, quick, DIY job that saved us at least $800 a year when the kids were young: home haircuts. Easy DIY Job Saves Us $800 a Year: Cheap Kids Haircuts at Home 

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