Trim Costs on Kids' Christmas Presents

I like the holidays. Really I do. But honestly, Christmas expenses dim some of the joy. Shopping for four kids, my holiday spending can quickly get out of hand. And when I overspend, this Mommy Santa grows less jolly with each incoming bill. Debt-ridden is no way to start the new year. Here are penny-pinching tips to keep kids' Christmas present costs under control.  Read more

Cheap, Educational Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I have to laugh when I see what stores tout as "cheap" stocking stuffers. I don't consider anything over $5 "cheap" especially not for stocking presents which are typically filler gifts. If my child is getting three or four bigger, pricier gifts under the tree, I can't afford to spend big on the stocking, too. Having four kids to shop for, Christmas is crazy-expensive enough without the stockings. So I look for stocking stuffers that cost a buck or two (preferably less!) But being a teacher--I don't want to fill that sock with useless junk. I demand some educational bang for my holiday shopping buck. Here's a plan to fill a kid's stocking with brain-building gifts, for about $5. read more

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