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I know, it's summertime and nobody wants to think about paperwork, taxes or anything remotely connected with the IRS. I agree, sorting paperwork and paying bills makes me itchy, crabby and hot, and not in the sexual sense. And then there's that never ending dilemma: what should I save and what can I shred? If you subscribe to my husband's policy on paperwork, everything gets clipped on a large brass clip until it gets so full that the nail that holds the clip lets loose from the drywall. Then after a brief hailstorm of naughty words, he releases the clip and papers spew everywhere: bills, receipts, pictures the kids drew two years ago, a recipe for kielbasa, newspaper clipping of obituaries, the title to his motorcycle, envelopes from bills, old church get the picture. And then I, who have a system of sorts, have to wade through the morass.

After 22 years together, I probably won't get him to be more organized, but there may still be hope for you, if you are a paper hoarder. This is a simple straight-forward list of what papers you need to save for budgeting and tax time. Read on...

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