Cheap Summer Family Fun Ideas from Tightwad Mama

We raised and four kids in an 800-square-foot mobile home. We were solvent and debt-free on one income while I homeschooled. I know about pinching pennies and cheap family fun. Here are tightwad mama's tips to stretch your summer fun buck. Make money multitask. Pay with the payment form that saves most and earns best rewards: store credit cards, debit card. Save points for better rewards. Cheap Summer Family Fun Ideas from Tightwad Mama

Tightwad Mom's Cheap Airline Travel, Car Rental Money-Savers

As a tightwad mom of four, I know about budget travel. Here are cheap travel tips to save money on airline and rental cars. Shop for cheapest air fare. Using Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" option, bid on airfare, rental cars and hotel accommodations. Buying flight plus rental car plus hotel packages may save but only if you're staying in the same city as the airport. I've done better bidding on each separately. Start with airfare. After buying tickets, you'll usually get offers for rental car and hotel deals. Check sales. Compare companies: Kayak, Orbitz, Cheap Seats, Expedia, Travelocity. Priceline "name your own price" has always been cheapest for me. I've gotten cheap upgrades with Priceline, too. We stayed in a 3-star hotel for $60. Watch for tagged-on fees. In order to say they technically got you the price you bid, vendors will sometimes pad prices. Even with added fees it may still be a better deal.  Read moreTightwad Mom's Cheap Airline Travel, Car Rental Money-Savers

Dad-Inspired, Kid-Friendly Mother's Day Party, Homemade and Cheap

As a 25-year mom of four, I've been the guest of honor at many kid-inspired Mother's Day and birthday parties. Our children learned to throw a budget, homemade bash from me and my husband. For a guy, he's great at party-planning. Dads, here are tips from the master's knee, on planning an inexpensive Mother's Day party with your kids, that your wife will love! Dad-Inspired, Kid-Friendly Mother's Day Party, Homemade and Cheap

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