White Elephants Gift Ideas~Shelves

White Elephant Treasures - Shelves, Racks, and Containers Creating restful, useful and artful spaces begins with choosing the right furniture. Explore your local secondhand venues and rummage sales for white elephant furniture pieces. You'll find variety, individuality and occasionally some history! Read on...

Cheap Travel in Large Cities

Chicago Gas Prices: Green Travel Solutions Reasonable green travel solutions in and around Chicago! View more »

Penny Pinching Budget Holiday Giving Tips

How to Get What You Want for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List and Not Go Broke
Over 20 tips to stay out of financial hot water this holiday season and still get what you want to get for everyone.
View more »

What to Avoid When You Need Fast Cash

Make Easy Money Fast? Picture this: You are in a bind and need to generate some cash quickly. What do you do? What are safe and unsafe ways to make money fast. This article will help you to avoid mistakes and make proactive decisions with money.
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Fashion Bug: Great Style, Fit, Quality and Price!

Fashion Bug: Great Women's Fashions at Very Low Prices Great clothing! Great style and quality! Extra great prices! Fashion Bug and Fashion Bug Plus chain of retail women's garments top the list of great clothing for work and play! It covers style, quality, sizes, pricing, sales, and customer service. View more »

White Elephant Lamps

White Elephant Gift Ideas White elephant treasures are a diy-er's dream! Perfect regift ideas for holidays, birthdays and all giving! Unearth treasures from the bygone days and give those white elephants for Christmas! Do a little Santa detective work to discover what your loved ones collect and find the perfect addition for cents on the dollar! View more »

Penny Pincher Wine Lover's Choice

Fine Wine; Low Cost! Review of alternative wine choices. Great taste and quality at reasonable prices. Considers size options. View more »

Car Maintenance Basics

20 Vehicle Maintenance Tips 20 things to check, refill, change or replace on your vehicle regularly.Penny Pincher's keep their vehicles tuned-up! View more »

Use it Up, Make it Do, Make it Last

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Re-Sell, Remove Tips for complete household purge and clean-up. What and Where to donate. What and where to recycle. What, where and how to save and store. View more »

Seasonal Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

Quick Tips for Home Maintenance that Will Save You Money and Make You Safer Penny pincher tips for home-maintenance. Green, economical ideas. Improve safety and performance of your appliances! View more »

Healthy, Cheap Fast Food

Ten Cheap and Healthy Fast-Food Options Like to dine out but hat the cost? Here are the top ten penny pincher fast food options that are cheap and healthy, too! Cost and nutrition analysis for healthy penny pinchers! View more »

Free Community Resources from A-Z!

60 FREE (or Cheap) Community Resources Here is a plethora of community resources! All ages, all interests! Free tours, trips and activities from A (Airport) to Z (zoological gardens). With my frugal Dutch Grannie as my muse we will give you the deluxe tour for the economy price! Links provided too! View more »

Online Survery Companies that Pay!

Top 10 Online Survey Companies Want to generate a little income while you are online? Survey companies abound, but which online survey sites are worth your time? Review of 10 online surveys companies that payout.  Since writing this article, I've discovered that Swagbucks is another good points/survey website. View more »

Cheap Kids' Clothing Shopping

How to Outfit Children A complete description of how to shop for children's clothing. How to buy. What kids don't need. Where to shop. How much to buy. Prices to look for. How to care for clothing. View more »

Wedding Planner; Money Saving tips

Wedding Tips : Saving Money Must read penny pincher wedding guide for the frugal bride and groom. Contrary to your wedding planner's advice, you really can have a lovely wedding without going into overdrive spending. Have a champagne wedding on a beer budget with these tips! View more »

Money-Saving Travel Tips

Family Travel Essentials: What to Bring with You to Save Money on the Road Based on the experiences of a family of six, this guide will save you money on travel by showing you what and how to pack. Save hundreds of dollars by simply learning how to pack! View more »

Save Money--Quit Buying Stuff You Don't Need to Buy

Things You Don't Need to Buy All the junk in this landfill was paid for at one time. We can save money, time, energy, landfills, natural resources and sanity by reducing the excess stuff. Reduce spending. Borrow. Lend. Share. Say no to the junk. Say no to quantity and yes to quality. View more »

Live Green;Save Green

Live Green, Save Green You can talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? Case in point: Living green. Only Native Americans lived totally green. But there are hundreds of ways for us to live green effort and save green as well. Reduce, reuse, recycle, donate, share every day. Here are 200+ ways. View more »

Budget Travel Basics

Budget Travel Tips Traveling is a luxury, but for many people, it also contributes to their sense of well-being. However, the cost can be prohibitive. Let's explore some ways to get in some inexpensive travel.We travel with a family of six or seven at a time. We know the cost of hotels, public transportation and dining out, as well as the cost of exhibits and activities. We have discovered some cost-cutting methods that do not detract from our enjoyment. read more

Cheap, Quality Airplane Travel

Where to Find Cheap Airline Tickets The best way to find cheap airline tickets is to search online. The internet has provided us with a whole new way of comparing, selecting, ordering and purchasing airline tickets. It saves loads of time and money. Here are several very useful tips for getting yourself and your family where you need and want to be inexpensively and comfortably. Read on

Great Lodgings! Penny Pincher Prices!

Amerihost Inns: You Can Always Expect a Good Price and Great Stay at This Hotel Amerihost Inns offer it all! Affordable prices clean comfy rooms, continental breakfast, pool, hot tub, laundry, and many more in-room amenities that you would normally only find in the more costly hotels. View more »

How to Save Money, Pinch Pennies, Cut Costs

Cost-Cutting Tips to Save Money, Earn More Money and Manage Money
Tips for saving money, making money, earning money and keeping money. Ways to cut costs, scrimp and save, pinch pennies. Earning, spending and saving tips from 25 years-married mom of four on money management. View more »

Live Green Save Green!

Save Big Money on Electric Bills 25 Ways to reduce energy consumption and lower electric bills. 25 easy ways to cut costs and live green. View more »

DIY Furniture Remodel: Recycled, Repurposed Dressers

Fabulous Furniture Improvs with Dressers Need a dresser or place to store your clothes? Need a shelf, bookcase, rack or extra storage? Here are a few ideas with a little twist! And no stuck or squeaky drawers! View more »

Reduce Your Water Bill!

Save 30% on Your Water or Sewer 25 easy ways to reduce the amount of water your family uses and lower your water and sewer bills by 30% or more! View more »

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