Penny-Pincher Tip: Beware of Hidden Costs

I write money saving tips and an experience got me thinking about hidden costs and how to avoid paying them. Our youngest son just came back from a weekend camping trip. He stayed at a recommended private campground. He didn't know if he could get time off so couldn't reserve a spot in advance. He had to take what he could get. And he learned some things about hidden costs and how the sneak up. Read more atPenny-Pincher Tip: Watch for Hidden Costs

How Tightwad Mama Get Bargains

We raised and four kids in an 800-square-foot mobile home. We were solvent and debt-free on one income while I homeschooled the children. I know all about pinching pennies. Here are tightwad mama's tips to stretch your family activity dollar. Use these ideas year-round. We did! We still do! This is us with the youngest at Silver Lake State Park on our most recent budget vacay.

* Make money multitask. Pay with the payment form that saves most and earns best rewards: store credit cards, debit card. Save points for better rewards.

* Get admission deals. Use buy-one-get-one-free deals from vendors like Daily Deal Superstore. Save on concert, museum, amusement park, restaurants and vacation tickets. Look for events offering free kid admission with paid parents. Contact event websites for deals. I got half-price student opera tickets from the box office. An air fair distributed free tickets to school kids. They send me tickets to distribute to our home school group. Read more at Cheap Summer Family Fun Ideas from Tightwad Mama

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