I saved 80% on facial products: money-saving tips on moisturizers, night cream, eye cream

Looking in the mirror while having my hair done, I realized that I'm getting old. To avoid the withered prune look, I'm upping my skin care regimen. Now I'm here to tell you, folks, that moisturizers are not cheap. In fact, one might call it a racket! I love the Lancome night cream for example. After using my sample size, I went looking at Sephora and found it (are you sitting down?) $60 a little pot!!

So I went to my go-to TJ Maxx to find cost-saving alternatives and I wasn't disappointed. I stocked up on cellulite firming cream (another extortion game
), retinol cream, collagen oil, day moisturizer and night cream. And the whole arsenal only cost me $30. And I got a huge thing of collagen cream, like professional size for only $7. I found collagen and retinol oil for $5 at Big Lots. So now, bring on the dry skin because this penny pinching mama is ready (and she didn't bust the bank to do it!)

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