Bargain Hunter Deal of the Day--Cheap Veggie Burgers

Today's Deal of the day is bean burgers at the dollar store! I've got two daughters who flirt with being vegetarian-vegan. I'm dieting and don't eat much meat. Veggie burgers are a low-calorie protein alternative. So we buy a fair amount of them. Now if you buy organic or health food, you know it's expensive. And less is definitely more, price-wise. A 10-ounce package of MorningStar Farms or Boca burgers sells for about $4 full price. And that's at Meijer and Walmart. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Fresh Market would be more, likely. Even on sale, I still pay $3. Very irritating when your would-be vegetarian turns up her nose at your veggie burger choice. Here's where to get'em!Bargain Hunter Deal of the Day--Veggie Burgers, Cheap!

McDonald's Sued for Payroll Card with Fees

Associated Press wrote about a Wilkes-Barre, Pa., McDonald's worker who's suing her former employer for putting earnings on a payroll card. The debit card had loads of fees attached (as they do). Each transaction cost her money. Employers are doing this gift card or debit card thing more frequently and it's no surprise why. They get perks from banks which they don't pass on to employees. They do pass fees along, however. So employers profit from employee earnings and cut employees short. How unscrupulous. It's like the old company scrip employers paid workers. It could only be spent at company stores for inflated-price goods. It actually costs workers to be employed. What does surprise me is people who think this is okay. McDonald's Sued for Payroll Card with Fees

Detroit's New Whole Foods Market Gets Mixed Reviews

Mighty food giant Whole Foods Market opened its doors in Detroit at 115 Mack Ave. on June 5, says the Detroit News. The city, called a "food desert" for its lack of access to fresh food markets, now offers locals more food choices. But the expensive, upscale vendor is getting mixed reviews. Here's a look at the big picture on Whole Foods in Detroit. Detroit's New Whole Foods Market Gets Mixed Reviews

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