Where to Find Free Holiday E-cards

A string of holiday cards across a window makes a lovely sight! I have sent and received cards for years. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions. But the cost of everything seem to be rising, so to save money, here are sources for holiday e-cards (electronic cards sent by computer). No waste, no expense, no postage. Read on...

How to Feed a Family of Four for a Week on $75 at Walmart

Food prices, like everything, are rising. It is possible, however, to feed family for four on $75 a week. Shopping at Walmart, practicing once-a-week cooking and buying fresh options- here's a meal plan, recipes and shopping guide. Read on...

Financial Planning Advice from a Teacher

Teachers are uniquely qualified to give financial advice for several reasons. Teachers must budget carefully to plan for summer months of unemployment. Teachers are dependent on public mileage opinion for a paycheck. 
 Here are personal finance tips from a teacher. I've been a Michigan certified K-8, CI and CE teacher for 20+ years. I've worked in public and private school settings. I've also homeschooled my children. This advice is culled from years of frugal living and financial prudence. Read on...

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