Where to Buy Inexpensive USB Flash Drives for School and College

Where to Find Cheap USB Flash Drives for College
Several of our sons' college professors are requiring students in class to bring a portable USB or 'flash' drive to class.  did some price comparison shopping. Here are the best sources and buying options of USB drives.
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Back-to-School Shopping for Penny Pinchers: Under Armour Product Review

Back-to-School Shopping: Under Armour Sports Apparel and Athletic Accessories
Under Armour has become household word in sports and athletic clothing and gear. If your child is begging for Under Armour clothing and accessories for school, there are several shopping considerations when choosing appropriate UA gear.
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Back-to-School Shopping for Penny Pinchers: Mead Five-Star and Case-It vs. Store Brand Binders

Back to School Shopping: Case-It, Mead Five Star vs. Competitve Binder Notebook Brands
Back to school supplies requirements vary depending upon school district and grade level. One product that is commonly required in upper elementary, middle school and high school is a binder notebook. Case-It is a popular binder brand.
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Back to School Shopping for Penny Pinchers: Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray

Back-to-School Shopping Must-Haves: Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray
Back-to-school shopping means more than just choosing shoes and a backpack. With the spread of H1N1, MRSA and other bacterial and viral infections, instant hand sanitizer spray makes is a preventative health maintenance must-have for school.
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Alpine X-Treme Hydrating Face+Body Men's Body Wash Product Review

Alpine X-Treme Men's Body Wash Mountain Stream and Volcanic Rush Product Review
With three men in the family, I've become a student of men's hygiene and personal care products. We've tried AXE, Bod, Tag, Adidas, Coast, Irish Spring, Old Spice, Gillette, Alpine X-Treme. For the price, Alpine X-Treme is our favorite.
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Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act: Medicare and Social Security

Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act Gives Social Security Benefits Extended Warranty
Social Security and Medicare got an extended warranty with the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act until 2037 and 2029, respectively. This is dubious news for those tapping into those benefits just as they are slated to expire.
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Refrigerator Maintenance and Care Guide

Refrigerator Running Poorly? Clean the Vents
A few weeks ago, we began to notice that our refrigerator was not keeping food cold. Several items in our refrigerator spoiled. We  noticed water puddling in the bottom of the refrigerator under the drawers. Was our fridge going out?
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