Total Wireless Customer Service fails

Total Wireless has been a pretty good cellphone company in the 5 years I've been with the company. Reception could be better and customer communication is poor, however. There is no way to get text alerts on your account. But you have to opt out of ad/spam text from TW, go figure. But that was nothing compared to this latest debacle which has me seriously considering whether the $10 a month savings over Virgin Mobile is worth it. 

Here's what happened. I called Total Wireless to switch to shared plan and spent an hour on the phone doing what should have been a simple task. Then the switchover didn't happen on specified date and when I called I was told that the rep failed to process it. So I spent more time correcting that and also set up auto-refill. 

I get a text saying my service is about to expire, so clearly THAT request didn't process either. When I called to correct, the first rep was freakishly rude, left me sitting for 10 minutes with no communication and finally hung up when I said "hello? anyone there?"

I did a little digging on the website while calling back and discovered that I was enrolled in two separate accounts. The second rep was polite and  deleted one account. But when I tried to get auto-refill set up, she hung up on me. 

Still digging, I discovered she'd also deleted the wrong account, thereby losing me two days of service. When I tried to resolve BOTH messes, I was put on hold endlessly again. Rather than have a fifth inept rep further screw up my account, I said just go with the earlier refill date and credit me $4 for the lost days.
I waited another eternity for her to figure out when I made my payment, when my service began and when my refill date should be--all of which I verified in seconds on my account page. By then, my lunch break was up and I had to end the call. I did the auto-refill myself.

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