Free Printable Winter Crafts and Activities for Snowbound Kids

Uh-oh, winter skies promise snow and more snow. Another snow day. Kids love to play outside, but you don't dare let them for too long when it's super cold. What was fun in November is getting a little old by February. So Teacher Mama is here with printable winter-themed crafts for bored, winterbound kids.

First, clear a spot on the table. Or better yet set up a separate craft table. Bust out glue, scissors, markers, glitter, your nifty scrapbook edging scissors, stickers, pom poms, fake gems all your crafty goodies.Next, go to these websites and free   Printable Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Baked Bean Soup with Holiday Leftovers

 Are your holiday leftovers glaring at you, saying "eat us!" Are the sweet potatoes threatening to go sour? Are you fed up and out of recipe ideas? Well before those leftovers go bad, stage a refrigerator coup and take the other food hostage, here's a healthy, lowfat, high protein recipe to use them up. Baked Bean Soup
   Baked Bean Soup with Holiday Leftovers and Veggies Galore

Curtain Doorway to Prevent Drafts

Title isn't a CCR "Put a Candle in the Window" mashup. It's a solution I invented to combat our incredibly drafty back mud room. Drafty is an understatement. It's a frigid arctic ice station. The "walls" are a patchwork of drywall, panel, and Styrofoam, presumably for insulation. There are inch wide gaps between seams. I'm surprised the cat can't squeeze through. Put a Curtain in the Doorway Cause I Feel I Am Going to Freeze

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