How to Organize, Reduce and Live Simply

Easy Ways to Organize Your Possessions, Your Home, Your Schedule and Your Life
Does your life feel out of control, chaotic, disorganized and overwhelming? Here are easy, free tips to organize, purge, free up resources and live simply. These tips won't cost you anything except the loss of a massive load of stress.
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Penny Pincher Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Ideas: Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns

Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns
Halloween costumes are expensive to buy or rent. Why not make your Halloween costume this year? I just found a website with 200 free printable Halloween costume patterns, templates and designs for babies, children, teens and adults. All free.
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Where to Buy Silly Bandz

Where to Find Best Prices on Silly Bandz Animal Shaped and Theme Bracelets
What's are Silly Bandz, you ask? Silly Bandz are die-cut animal shaped silicone bracelets. Silly Bandz resemble animal cookie cutter shapes that fit like a bracelet. Silly Bandz are super hot kids' collectibles. Here are best prices on Silly Bandz.
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Free TI-83 Online Calculator Software Download

Free TI-83 TI-84 TI-86 TI- 89 Online Graphing Calculator for School Math Homework
TI-83, TI-84, TI-86 and TI-89 are Texas Instruments models of graphing calculators which are required for most all middle school and high school algebra and math classes. TI-83 runs $100, but here are links for free online graphing calculators.
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Back-to-School Backpack Shopping

Back-to-School Shopping: Backpack Vs. Messenger Bag for School Supplies
I've bought many school backpacks, messenger bags, totebags and book bags over the years. For the safest, most user-friendly school book bag, a backpack is better than the messenger bag. Here are backpack shopping considerations.
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