Nightclub's 'Food Stamp Friday' Hits New Low in Exploitation

Just when I think I've seen the tackiest in marketing ploys, some company comes along and proves me wrong. The Rose Supper Club (a.k.a. nightclub) in Montgomery, Ala., is hosting "Food Stamp Friday" where folks get free cover charge and shots if they show their Electronic Benefits Transfer (food stamps) card, says The Daily Caller. And on Good Friday, too. It doesn't get much lower than this. Nightclub's 'Food Stamp Friday' Hits New Low in Exploitation 

How to set up allowances for kids

Most of us would probably agree that allowances teach kids good money-management skills. The tricky part is setting up the allowance so that kids learn about earning and budgeting money. How much is fair pay for an allowance? Should all chores be reimbursed? Which chores should be paid for? What items should kids spend their allowances on and what should parents buy? Here's a Q-and-A guide to answer those questions. Read more at How to set up allowances for kids 

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