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I'm an online writer WAHM (work at home mom). When people ask me how I make money, I say start niche blogs on subjects you know about and add links to your articles.

Unlike personal or general blogs, niche blogs focus provide subject-specific information and resources to viewers. Viewers are directed to niche blogs from searches, by keywords linked to blog posts.

My blogs cover food, recipes, diet, writing tips, health advice, lesson plans, homeschooling, coloring pages, movies, music, holidays, Catholic faith, crafts, household hints, shopping tips, money saving advice, green living and more. Readers come looking for info and they find it.

 Personal blogs don't earn money because they only chronicle an individual's life. Great for social sites, not for generating readers, subscribers, page views or income. You can place advertisements on personal blogs but ads don't line up as well as they do on subject blogs.

I manage 55 blogs through Blogger and Wordpress. Both sites are free. To begin your blog, list what you know about: music, restaurant reviews, babies, cooking, crafts, sports, martial arts, technology, special health issues, video games, fishing, car repair, wherever your skills and interests lie. Choose a blog title and URL that fits your site. For more on blogging follow my blog

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