How To Earn Money in a Recessed Economy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says unemployment is going down. Politicians assure us jobs are being created. As a by-product of a recessed Michigan economy, I don't see the glowing economic recovery of which my governor speaks. I think it's precipitous to say we're in any kind of recovery. Sure if you call part-time, minimum-wage, no benefit jobs "employment."

Unemployment is down because more people, like me, have dropped out of the system. I never did qualify for it, as a part-time instructor and then homeschool SAHM. But even many of those who did qualify have run out. Some have quit looking for work, and others, like me have resorted to off the radar work, like freelancing. Don't get me wrong. I still pay self-employment taxes and heavily. What I mean is, I've ceased job hunting to pursue at-home online jobs like this--blogging and writing for news agencies and content companies. I've often been asked how I make money when I don't "work." Here are my strategies.

* I think outside my self-imposed boundaries. Instead of limiting my job-hunting possibilities, I apply for every job that I'm qualified for.
* I generate multiple streams of income. As a freelancer, I maintain blogs that earn ad revenue. I search out content companies and apply to write for different categories based on my interests and abilities. I get people to read my content. Here's more How To Earn Money in Michigan's 11.2 Percent Unemployment

Cheap Earth Day Garden Starter Kit: Jiffy Professional Greenhouse

In northern and temperate zones, gardeners often start seeds indoors to prevent late frost destruction. There are many green, recycled ways to do this, but lacking adequate space, I tried a seed starter. Jiffy Professional Greenhouse kit. Our home is located near an industrial zone, which renders our soil less than ideal for gardening. We have become patio gardeners. Herbs make ideal patio garden plants and as a cook who prides herself on her use of herbs, I've become an herb gardener. The Jiffy Professional Greenhouse works wonderfully as a seed starter kit for my herb garden. 
Read more

Cheap, Homemade, Green Spring Cleaning Tips

 As days get longer and snow melts, my thoughts turn to spring cleaning: out with the old-man-winter accumulation and in with sunshine and spring-green-clean! Here are easy, cheap, homemade spring cleaning tips and earth-friendly tool swaps. Save money, labor and the environment with these solutions.

* Bagless vacuum vs. traditional bag cleaning: Bagless vacuums save us $80 a year. Emptying canisters directly saves environmental paper waste from bags, too. Clean filter regularly to avoid costly replacement. Read more

Off-the-Beaten-Path Parks in Metro Detroit

Looking for spring frolics in metro Detroit? Why not check out an area park? Mayor Dave Bing announced the closing of 51 parks in February, reports the Detroit Free Press, but there are still plenty of outdoor venues to enjoy. Here are local parks with the most diverse activities, unique accommodations, and off-the-beaten-path amenities. Just right for spring and summer recreation and adventure!Off-the-Beaten-Path Parks in Metro Detroit

Spring 2013 Festivals and Fairs in Detroit (Cheap Family Fun!)

Say "spring," and what leaps to mind? In Michigan, picnics, flowers, parades, and festivals -- a chance to sweep out winter blues with the last, dingy snow! Here are must-not-miss spring 2013 festivals in and around Detroit. Not from anywhere nearby? Check out your own local fairs and festivals. Churches, espcially Catholic often have festivals. Community activities, group events--lots of good family fun!
Spring 2013 Festivals and Fairs in Detroit

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