How To Earn Money in a Recessed Economy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says unemployment is going down. Politicians assure us jobs are being created. As a by-product of a recessed Michigan economy, I don't see the glowing economic recovery of which my governor speaks. I think it's precipitous to say we're in any kind of recovery. Sure if you call part-time, minimum-wage, no benefit jobs "employment."

Unemployment is down because more people, like me, have dropped out of the system. I never did qualify for it, as a part-time instructor and then homeschool SAHM. But even many of those who did qualify have run out. Some have quit looking for work, and others, like me have resorted to off the radar work, like freelancing. Don't get me wrong. I still pay self-employment taxes and heavily. What I mean is, I've ceased job hunting to pursue at-home online jobs like this--blogging and writing for news agencies and content companies. I've often been asked how I make money when I don't "work." Here are my strategies.

* I think outside my self-imposed boundaries. Instead of limiting my job-hunting possibilities, I apply for every job that I'm qualified for.
* I generate multiple streams of income. As a freelancer, I maintain blogs that earn ad revenue. I search out content companies and apply to write for different categories based on my interests and abilities. I get people to read my content. Here's more How To Earn Money in Michigan's 11.2 Percent Unemployment

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