Free Thanksgiving crafts and decorations to print

 I'm a penny pincher who loves holiday entertaining. In order save money, I use free printable decorations and crafts. About Family Crafts has printable Thanksgiving crafts, decorations, table decor and greeting cards. Thanksgiving crafts feature pilgrims, Indian corn, pumpkins and cornucopias. Print gift tags, placemats, napkin rings, cards, coloring pages and more.
Package Tech has free downloads for complete Thanksgiving holiday place settings Themes are snowflake, acorn and petal pink. Each place setting includes placemat, napkin rings, print and fold treat box and decoration. Baby Center has free Thanksgiving printouts and harvest or autumn printouts for holiday decorations.
About Freebies lists a gajillion free printable Thanksgiving decorations. Martha Stewart has a harvest of printable fall paper crafts to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Scroll around the page for harvest and fall table themes, Thanksgiving craft templates and more.
The Toymaker offers vintage holiday decorations and crafts. The Thanksgiving printables feature traditional pilgrims and native American Indians, pumpkins, turkeys and corn. Crafts are beautifully drawn and colored in Dickensian style imagery. There's a 3D stand-up paper turkey centerpiece, a cornucopia nut cup for party favors, napkins rings and old-fashioned Thanksgiving greeting cards.

Print, fold, cut, paste and craft your way to a beautiful Thanksgiving table. Making free printable Thanksgiving crafts provide hours of fun for children, and keeps them happily occupied and out from under your feet. Happy crafting and may you and yours enjoy a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo of 'Counting On' slammed for wasteful spending

If fame corrupts does absolute fame, such as the Duggars enjoy, corrupt absolutely. That's what some reality TV fans are accusing Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo of. Instagram followers flew off the handle at the "Counting On" celebrities for their "wanton" spending, after the Duggar family's self-professed frugality on "19 Kids and Counting." What was the big deal all about? Click to read on Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo of 'Counting On' slammed for wasteful spending

I saved 80% on facial products: money-saving tips on moisturizers, night cream, eye cream

Looking in the mirror while having my hair done, I realized that I'm getting old. To avoid the withered prune look, I'm upping my skin care regimen. Now I'm here to tell you, folks, that moisturizers are not cheap. In fact, one might call it a racket! I love the Lancome night cream for example. After using my sample size, I went looking at Sephora and found it (are you sitting down?) $60 a little pot!!

So I went to my go-to TJ Maxx to find cost-saving alternatives and I wasn't disappointed. I stocked up on cellulite firming cream (another extortion game
), retinol cream, collagen oil, day moisturizer and night cream. And the whole arsenal only cost me $30. And I got a huge thing of collagen cream, like professional size for only $7. I found collagen and retinol oil for $5 at Big Lots. So now, bring on the dry skin because this penny pinching mama is ready (and she didn't bust the bank to do it!)

25 tips to save money on college dorm room essentials

As fall approaches, students go back to school or college. And that means time for back to school shopping on college dorm room essentials. Books, tuition, student housing and extra fees are already expensive. Outfitting the dorm room can put parents over the top financially. Here's money-saving mom's budget dorm room shopping guide.

First, focus on dorm room essentials. Skip the funsy-cutsy non-essentials. Stores and colleges would have parents believe college kids need. all kids of junk they don't. Think "need" not want. Get best prices at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General and TJ Maxx. Watch secondhand stores and other store sales. Use Walmart Savings Catcher to make sure your Walmart purchases were the lowest prices available.

Dorm room essentials: (check first to see what furniture dorms provide, typically bed, desk, shelves, closet)
-branched floor lamp (one light for reading in bed and one light for the desk): $10
-microwave oven: talk with roommates about chipping
in on a microwave. Pick one up for $40
-bed set: includes comforter, fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases. Some come with cushioned lap desk: $36. Send sheets and blankets, skip pillow shams and bed skirt.
-pillow: $5-$10 Choose a good comfortable pillow. This is essential for proper rest. Don't allow your college student to use the provided pillow.
-rug or bath mat: $4
-alarm clock: $5
-personal toiletries set in shower caddy or zippered bag. Student should stow supplies in container to prevent spread of germs in shared bathrooms, under $10.
-shower shoes, flip flops or pool shoes for use in shared bathroom
-portable dorm refrigerator: $59. Stock with beverages and food, to prevent temptation to spend big money at the college dining room or cafeteria.
-bath towel set: includes two bath towels, two hand towels, two washcloths: $10 at Wal-mart.
-dorm room appliances: toaster, coffee maker and electric hot pot for heating up soup and canned foods. $7 each at Walmart. Send a hand can opener.
-pop-up clothes hamper and hanging shelf organizer (holds ten pairs of shoes and has three larger shelves for sweaters, tee-shirt, jeans or towels. Hamper zips shut for ease of carrying to laundromat or home. $20 for the set at Walmart.
-back pillow for studying in bed, under $20
-6 plastic totes with lids (18 gallons each): $24 at Wal-mart. Plastic totes are an excellent way to transport and store dorm rooms supplies and clothing. Six should be the perfect amount for supplies.
-dorm chair: don't get a bean bag or orbit dish chair. These are quite uncomfortable for older teens and adults. Get a clearance lawn chair with arms or a plush club chair that folds

Jinger Duggar millionaire: Duggars' 'Counting On' reality TV earnings wow

Without a career or college education, Jinger Duggar earns a salary that will shock you. Her net worth, as a homeschooled, jobless pastor's wife is more than some doctors. It proves how lucrative "19 Kids and Counting" was for the Duggar family. It shows why they were so anxious to get the "Counting On" reality television gig after Josh Duggar's pedophilia, pornography, and adultery scandal. Jinger Vuolo's multi-million dollar assets demonstrate why Josh is so eager to get himself and his growing family back on #Reality TV.   Jinger Duggar millionaire: Duggars' 'Counting On' reality TV earnings wow

Free printable valentines for kids

Valentines Day is fast approaching. Children's valentine exchanges
are popular school party activities. How about saving money with 
printable valentines and Valentine's Day greeting cards?
DL-TK is always a good one-stop source for holiday crafts. Here's
the page with 
Valentine's Day cards, crafts, coloring pages,
games, worksheets and other fun activities. There are valentines with cartoon
characters, Angry Birds, animals, flowers, hearts, cherubs, butterflies,
insects, vehicles and more. Print teacher 
valentine cards, too. Some are printed in multiples.
Free Printable Valentines has gobs of kids' valentine cards to print. There are many
different styles--animals, hearts, cupid, cute, silly, romantic and more. Look
for printable valentine memory game, crossword puzzles, and other games.
Free Printable has lots of valentine cards to print out. These are customizable
to size, shape and color. Some can be personalized with a message.
Living Lorcuto has 50 free printable Valentine crafts to make and share. Scroll down to see each one. Click on the ones
you want to print to get the template. Again, print in black and white so it
becomes a coloring activity. There are teen valentines, cute kiss ones,
Valentine iPod coves, treat boxes, decorations and cards.
Most valentines can be printed with several cards on one page.
Print in B&W with your black ink cartridge and turn them into color-you-own
valentines. Have children fill out valentines and sign. Now it's a craft and
writing lesson. This extends the activity (and keeps children's happily
productive longer!)

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