Penny Pincher Wine Lover's Choice

Fine Wine; Low Cost! Review of alternative wine choices. Great taste and quality at reasonable prices. Considers size options. View more »

Car Maintenance Basics

20 Vehicle Maintenance Tips 20 things to check, refill, change or replace on your vehicle regularly.Penny Pincher's keep their vehicles tuned-up! View more »

Use it Up, Make it Do, Make it Last

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Re-Sell, Remove Tips for complete household purge and clean-up. What and Where to donate. What and where to recycle. What, where and how to save and store. View more »

Seasonal Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

Quick Tips for Home Maintenance that Will Save You Money and Make You Safer Penny pincher tips for home-maintenance. Green, economical ideas. Improve safety and performance of your appliances! View more »

Healthy, Cheap Fast Food

Ten Cheap and Healthy Fast-Food Options Like to dine out but hat the cost? Here are the top ten penny pincher fast food options that are cheap and healthy, too! Cost and nutrition analysis for healthy penny pinchers! View more »

Free Community Resources from A-Z!

60 FREE (or Cheap) Community Resources Here is a plethora of community resources! All ages, all interests! Free tours, trips and activities from A (Airport) to Z (zoological gardens). With my frugal Dutch Grannie as my muse we will give you the deluxe tour for the economy price! Links provided too! View more »

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