Black Friday Shopping Battle Plan

Black Friday Shopping Black Friday...that 'morning after' when bargain-hunters descend like a swarm of locusts and devour every 'hot buy' in site, leaving exhausted, shell-shocked store employees and ravaged shelves. It's the great American dream in the land of plenty. I have braved this tsunami of shoppers before and have a battle plan to share, worthy of General Lee himself. My battle plan involves three phases: SURVEY, STAKE-OUT & SIEGE and SWEEP-UP. These strategies will help you get the best deals without becoming a casualty. You may actually enjoy it! Read on...

How to Beat those Bank of America Debit Card Fees

Bank of America Charges for Debit Cards Bank of America announced that it's charging debit card users $5 per month to pay for purchases using the card. The Federal Reserve capped the per-transaction swipe fee. Banks have been pushing consumers away from cash purchases. When buyers use cash, banks can't collect fees. Banks were charging merchants up to $.44 per debit card transaction. Now they can now only charge $.21 each. They're scrambling to keep fees coming in. Banks already penalize accounts that don't maintain minimum balances: around $1,500. This hits youth, teen and college students especially hard. My sons both pay fees because they were unable to maintain a minimum balance. Read more...

Job Seekers, Halloween Outlets Hire Thousands of Seasonal Workers

Halloween Outlets Hire Thousands of Seasonal Workers Halloween is one of the top selling holidays in the U.S., in sales of costumes, candy, party supplies and decorations. Party City is hiring more than 14,000 seasonal workers for Halloween. Spirit Halloween, Halloween USA, Halloween Express, Halloween City, Halloween Express and other vendors are looking for help in hundreds of stores. Great opportunity for underemployed and unemployed people who need to pick up some hours. Excellent opportunity for high school students and college kids, too. Read more...

How a Mom of Four Saves 80 Percent on Back to School Shopping

How a Mom of Four Saves 80 Percent on Back to School Shopping Labor Day means children return to school. It also means back to school shopping. If you haven't finished shopping, don't worry. I've raised four children; here are do's and don'ts to save 80 percent on school supplies and clothing. Read more...

Jonah Hill Weight Loss; Can You Lose Weight Without Expensive Personal Trainers?

Jonah Hill Weight Loss; Can You Lose Weight Without Expensive Personal Trainers?Jonah Hill, star of teen snark flicks 'Superbad' and 'Get Him to the Greek,' has reshaped his formerly chubby self for a new film '21 Jump Street.' Hill's personal nutritionist and trainer helped him lose weight; are expensive resources needed for weight loss? The keys to successful weight loss are information and willpower. Read more...

CPSC's Safer Products Program Gives Consumers a Voice - Yahoo! News

CPSC's Safer Products Program Gives Consumers a Voice
Sick of having to wait for a defective product to be recalled before you know if it's safe? Want a voice in which products get declared dangerous by the CPSC? Now you've got it. Check it out.

Must-Have Freelance and Tax Preparation Ebooks

NEW Ebooks for Freelance Writers

Hello all! I want to share with you something that I have been working on for the past several months. Based on a lot of the questions I get from other freelance writers, there is a lot of confusion out there about managing a freelance writing business and most definitely about taxes. I have put together two ebooks to help writers handle the business side of freelancing: Managing a Freelance Writing Business and Tax Preparation & Planning for Freelance Writers. Here are the details (this blog post comes from CA, CMA, finance expert and friend, Angie Mohr; freelancers, penny pinchers and taxpayers, do yourself a favor and check her cutting-edge tax books.)

Food Imports Crippling American Food Industry, Economy

Importing foods, especially from third-world countries is unsafe, unhealthy and bad for the economy. Why are we continuing this practice? Fifteen percent of food marketed in the United States is produced in foreign countries. Sixty percent of all our fruit is imported. A whopping 80 percent of our seafood is produced in foreign countries, primarily in Asia. Read more...

Duro Extend, Man Up Now, Rock Hard Weekend, Magic Coffee Powder Recalled for Viagra Ingredient

Sexual enhancement drugs marketed as dietary supplements and energy boosters and marketed as healthy and natural have been found to contain the Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. Intelli Health Products voluntarily recalled Duro Extend Capsules for Men. The FDA has recalled another male vitamin supplement: Man Up Now capsules.  Magic Coffee Powder and Rock Hard Weekend have been recalled too. Sildenafil is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Read more...

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