Where to Find Free Holiday E-cards

A string of holiday cards across a window makes a lovely sight! I have sent and received cards for years. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions. But the cost of everything seem to be rising, so to save money, here are sources for holiday e-cards (electronic cards sent by computer). No waste, no expense, no postage. Read on...

How to Feed a Family of Four for a Week on $75 at Walmart

Food prices, like everything, are rising. It is possible, however, to feed family for four on $75 a week. Shopping at Walmart, practicing once-a-week cooking and buying fresh options- here's a meal plan, recipes and shopping guide. Read on...

Financial Planning Advice from a Teacher

Teachers are uniquely qualified to give financial advice for several reasons. Teachers must budget carefully to plan for summer months of unemployment. Teachers are dependent on public mileage opinion for a paycheck. 
 Here are personal finance tips from a teacher. I've been a Michigan certified K-8, CI and CE teacher for 20+ years. I've worked in public and private school settings. I've also homeschooled my children. This advice is culled from years of frugal living and financial prudence. Read on...
Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping event of the year on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Here's a diy guide to get you all the best Cyber Monday deals. Bargains, coupons, rewards, best shopping sources, penny pincher tips and more. Read on...

Best Gifts for Baker's and Cooks Under $15

Looking for cheap Christmas gifts, wedding presents and bridal shower gifts for bakers? If you've got friends and family who love to bake and cook on your shopping list, you need this list. Here's a gift-giving guide with gifts for bakers under $15. Many are priced under $10. Read on...

Must Have Kitchen Supplies: 7 or 8 Qt. Self-Draining Stock Pot

Must-Have Kitchen Cooking Utensils: 8 Quart Non-Stick Stock Pot
I cook every day; along the way I've learned which kitchen gadgets that work, aren't necessary and which are must-haves. A Teflon coated 7 or 8 quart stock pot is with self-draining lid is a must-have. Bed Bath and Beyond sells Invitations pan under $15.
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A Story About Honesty

All Souls Day Stories: An Honest Little Boy
It's All Souls Day, and I'm feeling reminiscent. After homeschooling for years, it seems a little odd not to be wrapped up in holy day and holiday preparations. Here's a little story to warm you for the holy day. It's true.
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How to Winterize Your Home and Cut Home Heating Costs

Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Reduce Your Home Energy and Heating Costs
We've winterized homes and mobile homes and have learned many tricks along the way to reduce home heating costs. These DIY, 'on-a-shoestring' tips do not require large investments of money. Cut your energy consumption with these green ideas.
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Convenience Foods that Save Time and Money

Healthy Packaged Convenience Foods that Save Time and Money
You always pay more for the convenience of packaged foods, right? Convenience foods can't be healthy and save money, can they? Not always, but there are some convenience foods that are health and save time and money. You have to do the math.
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Free Printable Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Party Decorations and Crafts

Free Printable Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Party Decorations, Banners and Streamer Hosting a childrens Halloween party? Looking for ways to decorate the house for trick-or-treat? Want to decorate your classroom for Halloween? Here are free printable Halloween decorations: witch, pumpkin, ghost, black cats, monsters and more. Read More

Fisher Price Recalls: Trikes, Baby Playzone, Little Peoples, High Chairs

Mattel Fisher-Price Toy Recalls: Trikes, High Chairs, Inflatable Balls, Little People Wheelies
Fisher-Price, a toddler and preschool division of toy mogul Mattel recalls a record four toy lines on September 30, 2010. Recalled are: Baby Playzone, Healthy Care, Easy Clean, Close to Me highchairs, trikes and Little Peoples Stand 'n' Play Rampway.
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How to Organize, Reduce and Live Simply

Easy Ways to Organize Your Possessions, Your Home, Your Schedule and Your Life
Does your life feel out of control, chaotic, disorganized and overwhelming? Here are easy, free tips to organize, purge, free up resources and live simply. These tips won't cost you anything except the loss of a massive load of stress.
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Penny Pincher Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Ideas: Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns

Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns
Halloween costumes are expensive to buy or rent. Why not make your Halloween costume this year? I just found a website with 200 free printable Halloween costume patterns, templates and designs for babies, children, teens and adults. All free.
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Where to Buy Silly Bandz

Where to Find Best Prices on Silly Bandz Animal Shaped and Theme Bracelets
What's are Silly Bandz, you ask? Silly Bandz are die-cut animal shaped silicone bracelets. Silly Bandz resemble animal cookie cutter shapes that fit like a bracelet. Silly Bandz are super hot kids' collectibles. Here are best prices on Silly Bandz.
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Free TI-83 Online Calculator Software Download

Free TI-83 TI-84 TI-86 TI- 89 Online Graphing Calculator for School Math Homework
TI-83, TI-84, TI-86 and TI-89 are Texas Instruments models of graphing calculators which are required for most all middle school and high school algebra and math classes. TI-83 runs $100, but here are links for free online graphing calculators.
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Back-to-School Backpack Shopping

Back-to-School Shopping: Backpack Vs. Messenger Bag for School Supplies
I've bought many school backpacks, messenger bags, totebags and book bags over the years. For the safest, most user-friendly school book bag, a backpack is better than the messenger bag. Here are backpack shopping considerations.
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Where to Buy Inexpensive USB Flash Drives for School and College

Where to Find Cheap USB Flash Drives for College
Several of our sons' college professors are requiring students in class to bring a portable USB or 'flash' drive to class.  did some price comparison shopping. Here are the best sources and buying options of USB drives.
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Back-to-School Shopping for Penny Pinchers: Under Armour Product Review

Back-to-School Shopping: Under Armour Sports Apparel and Athletic Accessories
Under Armour has become household word in sports and athletic clothing and gear. If your child is begging for Under Armour clothing and accessories for school, there are several shopping considerations when choosing appropriate UA gear.
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Back-to-School Shopping for Penny Pinchers: Mead Five-Star and Case-It vs. Store Brand Binders

Back to School Shopping: Case-It, Mead Five Star vs. Competitve Binder Notebook Brands
Back to school supplies requirements vary depending upon school district and grade level. One product that is commonly required in upper elementary, middle school and high school is a binder notebook. Case-It is a popular binder brand.
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Back to School Shopping for Penny Pinchers: Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray

Back-to-School Shopping Must-Haves: Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray
Back-to-school shopping means more than just choosing shoes and a backpack. With the spread of H1N1, MRSA and other bacterial and viral infections, instant hand sanitizer spray makes is a preventative health maintenance must-have for school.
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Alpine X-Treme Hydrating Face+Body Men's Body Wash Product Review

Alpine X-Treme Men's Body Wash Mountain Stream and Volcanic Rush Product Review
With three men in the family, I've become a student of men's hygiene and personal care products. We've tried AXE, Bod, Tag, Adidas, Coast, Irish Spring, Old Spice, Gillette, Alpine X-Treme. For the price, Alpine X-Treme is our favorite.
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Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act: Medicare and Social Security

Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act Gives Social Security Benefits Extended Warranty
Social Security and Medicare got an extended warranty with the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act until 2037 and 2029, respectively. This is dubious news for those tapping into those benefits just as they are slated to expire.
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Refrigerator Maintenance and Care Guide

Refrigerator Running Poorly? Clean the Vents
A few weeks ago, we began to notice that our refrigerator was not keeping food cold. Several items in our refrigerator spoiled. We  noticed water puddling in the bottom of the refrigerator under the drawers. Was our fridge going out?
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Save Big Money on Plumbers with These Home Maintenance Tips

How to Prevent Your Sink from Clogging
No matter how many cool appliances fill your kitchen- dishwasher, garbage disposal, trash compactor, one problem remains for cooks: how to keep the sink from clogging. Here's a safe, green DIY guide to keep kitchen drains clean.
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How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue on Your Blog

How to Increase Blog Ad Revenue with Your Google Adsense Account
I've been earning Google Adsense on my niche blogs for two years now. In that time, I've explored many ways to boost my blog Adsense earnings. Here are ten of my best 'tried and true' methods for earing money on my Google Adsense blogs.
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Easy, DIY Recycling System

DIY Green Recycle Bin Organizer System
Recycling is important in our family. I don't mind recycling, but it's messy. I refuse to spend money buying special recycling organizers. Here's an easy green recycle bin organizing system.
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Inexpensive DIY Closet Organizer, Shelves and Storage from Rubbermaid

How to Create Easy DIY Storage Space in Closets
Having a family of six in a 14 X 70 mobile home has taught me a great deal about creating space and organization. Here's an easy, inexpensive DIY guide to making the most of your closets, cupboards and storage spaces.
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