Skip Younkers Community Days Coupon Fundraiser Books

Typically I write money-saving do's, but today's tip is a don't. Do not buy a Younkers Bonton Stores Community Days fundraiser coupon booklet. Unless you like paying more for things. Last year, I took my youngest back-to-school shopping for a coat. We hit a mall in another town some distance away. After hunting through racks of tacky, cheaply made junk, we tried Younkers. At the door, we were approached by kids selling Community Days coupon books for $5. Read on...Skip Younkers Community Days Coupon Fundraiser Books, Save Money - News - Bubblews

Tightwad Mama Saves Money Back to School Shopping

Back to School--how merchandisers and retailers love those three words. And how they love to upsell. Long lists of school supplies your kids supposedly can't live without. And I'll admit, I love BTS shopping. What's not to love about $.25 crayons and scissors? But tightwad mama is also a teacher. She knows kids don't need half the stuff stores pad the list with. Here's a different kind of BTS shopping guide--one that saves you money. Tightwad Mama Saves Money Back to School Shopping

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