2 Die 4 and To Diet for French Toast to use up Stale Bread

 I adore French Toast. Literally, I kiss its arm like Gomez did Morticia and murmur "Caro Mio..." Okay, that's weird. Anyway, French toast or Eggy Bread as it's called in Great Britain, is a great way to use up stale bread. Here are two Eggy Bread recipes, a 2 Die 4 and To Diet for Eggy Bread

2 Die 4 and 2 Diet 4 kind (since poor Mar is dieting).

I Write and Interact on Bubblews to Earn Money

Here we go again. More backlash about writing on Bubblews for money. A fried wrote defending us mercenaries. I'll take it further, I'm here for the money first and only. If it didn't pay, I'd wouldn't be here. And neither, I hazard to suggest, would most of you. I socialize because I get paid to. Does that mean I don't like it? No. I doubt anyone would accuse me of not doing my part or being social (I'm beginning to hate that word). But it's irrelevant.   I Write and Interact on Bubblews to Earn Money and So Do You 

Work At Home Parent Multitasking---Save Time and Money with Craft Table

Remember, my penny pincher pals, saving money is earning too. That's why I feel for you online work at home parents who have small children. I can't speak to the online part as we didn't have computers when mine were young. But the WAHM juggling, I get. I homeschooled four children in a tiny home. I can identify with that feeling of being constantly torn between children and work, school and work. Here are some ideas to help Work At Home Parent Multitasking---Magic Multipurpose Table

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