Right-to-Work Legislation Michigan; What it Means for Workers

Lawmakers Push Right to Work Legislation in Michigan Legislation is under scrutiny in Michigan that would prohibit unions from making workers join a union or pay union dues, Michigan Radio says. Gov. Rick Snyder opposes such right-to-work legislation, but other Republican lawmakers like Rep. Mike Shirkey are pushing for the bill. Here are details about this legislation. RTW means lower paying, part-time jobs without benefits. It means workers don't have a voice in their own work life. It means less income and less money spent in the state. Read more...

How I Equipped My Kitchen for Under $500

How I Equipped My Kitchen for Under $500 Through 24 years of marriage, 23 years of parenthood and four children, I've spent a lot of time in the kitchen. The wedding shower gifts have long since been used up and replaced. I've experimented with all kinds of equipment, utensils and gadgets and developed a list of must-haves. Here's how I equipped my kitchen with those essentials for less than $500. My secrets are to watch sales, use coupons, comparison shop and never sacrifice quality for low price. Read on for penny pinching tips...

White Elephant Lamps: Cheap Decor or Funky Gifts

White Elephant Gift Ideas I collect unique, vintage home furnishings, accessories and furniture. I also love to give original, fun, creative gifts. Lamps are a favorite decor element and gift. I chose lamps for their unique design: if it looks like something everyone and his brother would have, I give it a miss. Lamps are a great way to express individuality. Lamps reflect architectural style and historical period. Here are great places to look for artsy lamps. I love to explore second hand shops for unique lamp shades and bases, looking for tall, pillar lamps and small table lamps. I never buy two matching lamps. When people redecorate, many of the original design elements end up in secondhand stores. This provides a harvest for a bargain hunter and giver of eclectic "white elephant" gifts. Read on...

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