How We Got Cheap Wedding Rings (Romantically) Under $200

When we got married, my husband and I paid for our wedding and reception. To cut costs, we looked for cheap wedding rings. For less than $200 we bought an engagement ring, woman's wedding ring and man's wedding ring.

We're both history buffs and antique collectors. We're also ridiculously sentimental. Old things mean more to us than new stuff. My husband didn't propose to me with a ring because he wanted us to shop around and find one (a special one) together. We liked the 1920s basket engagement ring style. We also wanted our rings to have been worn by other lovers for a long time (hopefully, we thought, that would bless our marriage). Here's how we got vintage rings cheap. Read more

My Cheap Wedding Reception Under $800

 My husband and I paid for our own wedding and reception. We paid everything off in advance, incurred no debt and charged nothing. Our cheap wedding reception cost under $800 for 150-200 people, including food, cake, decorations, music, flowers, equipment and hall rental. This was 25 years ago, but I could still do it today and so can you. Just follow our frugal lead. read more

My Cheap Wedding Under $1,000 for Everything

Planning a budget wedding? You've come to the right place. Let your frugal fairy godmother (me) help. My husband and I paid for own wedding, reception and honeymoon. We had a cheap wedding, charged nothing and paid it off without going into debt. We paid under $1,000 for a 200-guest wedding, including wedding dress, accessories, tuxedo, invitations, stationary, flowers, decorations, church, music, minister stipend, rental equipment, hairstylist and pictures. Here's how. read more

Where to Find Cheap Wedding Dresses Under $100

Planning a budget wedding? Good girl--you're smart. Weddings don't have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, they shouldn't. Save the money for newlywed household expenses or a down payment on a house. If you're going lite on the wedding, you're doubtless looking for cheap wedding dresses. I'm the bargain-minded bride's go-to gal for bridal gowns under $100. Some online vendors offer free shipping, too. Check these sources for a cheap wedding dress. read more

How We Paid Off Our Wedding Without Incurring Debt

My husband and I are celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss this year. We come from good Hollander-German stock and have always pinched pennies. When we got married, we paid for the wedding, honeymoon and most of the reception ourselves. We came back from our honeymoon debt-free and I'm glad we did. Money woes are major relationship-killers. We have friends who were in divorce court before their wedding was paid off. And they spent big (or rather mummy and daddy did). Here are ways to avoid wedding debt and divorce court. read more

Fifty Inexpensive Wedding, Bridal Shower Gifts Regularly Priced Under $10

In spring and summer, gift-giving costs escalate with graduations, weddings, showers, baptisms, first communion, etc. If you are like tightwad me, you'll hunt up a good deal for these occasions to keep costs reasonable. When I need a gift, I check out the bridal registry and go shopping at my local discount store. Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar and in our area Meijer sell nice stuff cheap. I find quality products under $10.

In this article, You'll find a list of at least 50 different gifts that you can give that will cost you under $10. These are nice, practical and functional items that every couple will need in any living situation. Don't worry about duplication; the happy couple will need and use all of these items. Many items just don't last all that long or are items of which you need several. 50 Wedding or Bridal Shower Gifts Regularly Priced Under $10

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