Great Lodgings! Penny Pincher Prices!

Amerihost Inns: You Can Always Expect a Good Price and Great Stay at This Hotel Amerihost Inns offer it all! Affordable prices clean comfy rooms, continental breakfast, pool, hot tub, laundry, and many more in-room amenities that you would normally only find in the more costly hotels. View more »

How to Save Money, Pinch Pennies, Cut Costs

Cost-Cutting Tips to Save Money, Earn More Money and Manage Money
Tips for saving money, making money, earning money and keeping money. Ways to cut costs, scrimp and save, pinch pennies. Earning, spending and saving tips from 25 years-married mom of four on money management. View more »

Live Green Save Green!

Save Big Money on Electric Bills 25 Ways to reduce energy consumption and lower electric bills. 25 easy ways to cut costs and live green. View more »

DIY Furniture Remodel: Recycled, Repurposed Dressers

Fabulous Furniture Improvs with Dressers Need a dresser or place to store your clothes? Need a shelf, bookcase, rack or extra storage? Here are a few ideas with a little twist! And no stuck or squeaky drawers! View more »

Reduce Your Water Bill!

Save 30% on Your Water or Sewer 25 easy ways to reduce the amount of water your family uses and lower your water and sewer bills by 30% or more! View more »

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