Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping event of the year on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Here's a diy guide to get you all the best Cyber Monday deals. Bargains, coupons, rewards, best shopping sources, penny pincher tips and more. Read on...

Best Gifts for Baker's and Cooks Under $15

Looking for cheap Christmas gifts, wedding presents and bridal shower gifts for bakers? If you've got friends and family who love to bake and cook on your shopping list, you need this list. Here's a gift-giving guide with gifts for bakers under $15. Many are priced under $10. Read on...

Must Have Kitchen Supplies: 7 or 8 Qt. Self-Draining Stock Pot

Must-Have Kitchen Cooking Utensils: 8 Quart Non-Stick Stock Pot
I cook every day; along the way I've learned which kitchen gadgets that work, aren't necessary and which are must-haves. A Teflon coated 7 or 8 quart stock pot is with self-draining lid is a must-have. Bed Bath and Beyond sells Invitations pan under $15.
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A Story About Honesty

All Souls Day Stories: An Honest Little Boy
It's All Souls Day, and I'm feeling reminiscent. After homeschooling for years, it seems a little odd not to be wrapped up in holy day and holiday preparations. Here's a little story to warm you for the holy day. It's true.
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