The Lenten Kitchen: Kosher, Vegan Pretzel Recipes - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

The Lenten Kitchen: Kosher, Vegan Pretzel Recipes
Pretzels are a religious, lenten symbol and a yummy, low-fat, sugarfree, snack. Here are vegan and vegetarian recipes to enjoy pretzels.

CPSC's Safer Products Program Gives Consumers a Voice - Yahoo! News

CPSC's Safer Products Program Gives Consumers a Voice
Sick of having to wait for a defective product to be recalled before you know if it's safe? Want a voice in which products get declared dangerous by the CPSC? Now you've got it. Check it out.

Must-Have Freelance and Tax Preparation Ebooks

NEW Ebooks for Freelance Writers

Hello all! I want to share with you something that I have been working on for the past several months. Based on a lot of the questions I get from other freelance writers, there is a lot of confusion out there about managing a freelance writing business and most definitely about taxes. I have put together two ebooks to help writers handle the business side of freelancing: Managing a Freelance Writing Business and Tax Preparation & Planning for Freelance Writers. Here are the details (this blog post comes from CA, CMA, finance expert and friend, Angie Mohr; freelancers, penny pinchers and taxpayers, do yourself a favor and check her cutting-edge tax books.)

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