How I Save $1,500 a Year on Family Personal Care Products

Do girls or boys cost more for hygiene and personal care? I've got two of each and they are evenly matched. Each has product preferences. I never minded buying what they liked, but I did it cheaply. Here's how I saved at least $1,500 a year on personal care products for a family of six. And no, I didn't get rid of two kids!

Extreme discounts and coupons: I print coupons from online sites, like Swagbucks. I earn Swagbucks for using coupons and redeem points for gift cards. I preload store coupons on store perks cards. Meijer often gives percentage off total HBA purchase with perks card. I've snagged up to five discounts per item between sale, printed coupons, store card perks, total purchase discount and Swagbucks. Read more How I Save $1,500 a Year on Family Personal Care Products

Free Romantic Valentine's E-Cards to Print

Valentine's Day cards are not just for children. We can all enjoy the fun of sending and receiving little greetings and notes or cheer during this cold, dark season of winter. Here are a variety of websites featuring free e-cards and printable valentine cards for adults to share with each other. Many of the sites feature cards to send to sweethearts and lovers and are sensual or romantic, but there are no obscene or pornographic cards included in this list.  Free Romantic and Valentine's E-Cards for Adults

Low Calorie, Hunger Satisfying Foods that Save Money

I'm halfway through my goal to lose 100 pounds. One of my biggest diet struggles is constantly feeling hungry when I cut calories. Early on, dieting was a vicious circle. My larger stomach needed more food to fill up. I was reducing calories, not losing and always hungry. Now that I've lost some, it's easier to fill up. Here are low-calorie, feel-full foods that satisfy hunger and aid weight loss. Eating less saves money, too!  Low Calorie, Hunger Satisfying Foods to Fill You Up

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