Free Printable 4th of July Crafts and Activities for Cheap Holiday Fun

I love to save money. One of the easiest places to cut costs is by using free printable kids' activities. You can print games, crafts, lesson plans, learning activities, puzzles, greeting cards, party decorations and gob more online. Just in time for Fourth of July Free Printable 4th of July Cut and Paste Paper Crafts and Activities

Cheap, Leftover Use-Up, One-Pot Meals

Busy parents need easy prep meals that don't require multiple steps or that dirty a sink full of pans. Here are simple recipes for quick, nutritious meals. These can be made while helping a child with spelling words or nursing a baby. These recipes use up leftovers and use ingredients on hand plus have enough for a second night. If you line baking dishes with heavy foil, you can freeze food, remove pre-wrapped in foil and store. Read on Super Easy, Inexpensive, Kid-friendly Leftover Use-Up, One-Pot Meals

Affordable Father's Day Gifts Dads Will Love All Price Ranges

Father's Day shopping is tricky if you don't know what dad wants. And some dads don't like you spending money on them. And holiday gift-giving can get expensive. So you'll want the most bang for your shopping buck. Here are top 20 affordable Father's Day gifts in different price ranges--starting at free. My husband enjoys these and your dad will love them too!  Affordable Father's Day Gifts at All Price Ranges That Dad Will Love

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