Fifty Inexpensive Wedding, Bridal Shower Gifts Regularly Priced Under $10

In spring and summer, gift-giving costs escalate with graduations, weddings, showers, baptisms, first communion, etc. If you are like tightwad me, you'll hunt up a good deal for these occasions to keep costs reasonable. When I need a gift, I check out the bridal registry and go shopping at my local discount store. Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar and in our area Meijer sell nice stuff cheap. I find quality products under $10.

In this article, You'll find a list of at least 50 different gifts that you can give that will cost you under $10. These are nice, practical and functional items that every couple will need in any living situation. Don't worry about duplication; the happy couple will need and use all of these items. Many items just don't last all that long or are items of which you need several. 50 Wedding or Bridal Shower Gifts Regularly Priced Under $10

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