Money Tips for Welfare Recipient Parents

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman, the single mom of 14 (including octuplets) is back on welfare again, says TMZ. Suleman is an extreme example of negative welfare stereotype. But her unhealthy financial choices highlight key issues that we can all learn from. Here are money tips for parents on welfare, culled from five months when we received food stamps and Medicaid. Right off the bat, let me say that the tone of this article may seem preachy. I heard the discussions on whether we taxpayers should be able to tell welfare recipients how to their spend money. I say yes we who are frugal should be able to. It's our money after all. Am I saying that all welfare recipients spend foolishly? Of course not. But those who do who make it difficult for those who don't. Sometimes folks can't get the help they need because others are wasting those governmental dollars. There's only just so much to go around. Even those of us who aren't on government assistance, though we live frugally, will need it if we don't all trim our spending. Spending Tips for Welfare Recipients

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